A scene from SPACESHIP!

My Year in Film: 2014

The movie camera was invented in 1891 and one hundred and twenty-three years later, film remains as relevant an art form as it was in 19—, when Thomas Edison first used it to upstage some rival or another. 2014 brought us a huge, steaming pile of cinematic magic, and whether it was Michael Keaton running around in his briefs, the Babadook scaring young children, Chris Evans telling us what babies taste like, or Michael Fassbender blazing new trails in extremely likable music, one thing remained true: everything was awesome, and we were all Groot.

Here’s my look back at the best of 2014.

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A scene from THE LEGO MOVIE

My Month in Film: August 2014

I’ve decided to drop the True Detective reviews; a lot of digital ink has been spilled analyzing it seven ways to Sunday and I can’t imagine I have anything particularly insightful to say that someone else hasn’t already said. (My final analysis is: it was pretty good, but I wasn’t as impressed with it as I assumed I would be.) In its place, I’m thinking of doing The Leftovers. We’ll see.

• Last month, I instituted a new rule: “Nothing gets five stars without a second viewing.” Since then, I’ve granted five stars to both Under the Skin, the original version of Oldboy, and…well, you’ll see. Rules are made to be broken, I guess.

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