A scene from INSIDE OUT.

My Month in Film: November 2015

Sadly, I didn’t produce as much content in November as I would have liked to. My excuses are, number one, that November tends to be my busiest month for my non-culture-writing activities, such as work commitments and volunteering; and number two, that I’ve always been sensitive to sudden temperature changes, with Chicagoland weather being particularly schizophrenic this November. We got a foot of snow during the weekend before Thanksgiving; four days later, Turkey Day itself topped off with a high temperature of 60° F. Combined with the seasonal-affective depression I’ve been prone to these last few years, I spent a lot of my November free time tired and lethargic, not particularly interested in watching and writing.

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A scene from JURASSIC WORLD.

My Month in Film: July 2015

I’ve gotten myself back on track for July, although it was tough. Maybe I need to take a sabbatical–but I’m afraid if I did that, it’d be too hard to get myself back on track. Oh well.

At least August looks like it will be a good month. I’d like to resume Hannibal starting next week, but I may wait on that, because a lot of interesting-looking recent stuff has made its way to Netflix, like Creep and a couple of other things I’ve been looking forward to. So I may put Lecter on hold.

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