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My Month in Film: July 2014

To misquote Jay Cluitt: life versus blog; which will win? In June I watched and wrote a lot of stuff. In July, life won: too much stuff going on and less time for blog. Which is not a bad thing. I had some massive social experiences, including the LAMB meetup. I think–I think–a new path might be open in the bits of my life that don’t involve watching movies and writing about them on a weekly basis. If I’m correct, life will win for some time to come…not that I’ll complain.

• So didn’t I promise True Detective reviews in July? I did. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a handle on how to write them up. So I decided to watch all the first season, then to rewatch the episode two-by-two and write them up based on the rewatch. I will get these done before the next season of Hannibal premieres next winter (or so I assume).

Thanatomorphose kind of killed my urge to watch horror-and-nothing-but, so I’m planning to take a temporary break from that for a while. I finally have a chance to watch a pile of stuff that’s been on the docket for a while, stuff that isn’t really horror but might be part of the Gallery’s remit. This may include one or more of the following: Cheap ThrillsThe DoubleEnemySnowpiercerUnder the Skin. Horror fans are advised not to despair, however: my review of Almost Human will publish next week, and I should get back to horror in time for the Hallowe’en season.

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