Fantastic Fest 2016: Wrap-Up

A summary of this year’s Fantastic Fest

Ah, Fantastic Fest! It’s kind of like a comic-book convention, except with Elijah Wood instead of cosplayers, and there’s always some guy right in front of you in the line to the men’s room singing “we are the flesh” to the tune of “We Want the Funk”. (That would be me.) The Critics’ Code requires an end-of-festival writeup, including a complete list of films ranked by personal preference. In that spirit, I bring you this:

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Fantastic Fest 2016: Day Eight

A horror film from Laos, a race riot comedy from Australia, and more

The final day brought us a thriller from Spain, a supernatural horror film from Laos, and a black comedy from Australia.

(This final entry is going to be kind of brief, as I came down with a severe head cold on Thursday and am still recovering from feeling weak, feeble, and having a solid lead ingot instead of a brain.)

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Fantastic Fest 2016: Day Seven

The latest from André Øvredal, a babysitter horror with a twist, and more

Day seven brings us into the home stretch with a rediscovered backyard cheapie, the latest from André Øvredal, and more.

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Fantastic Fest 2016: Day Six

Documentaries about movie posters and Kubrick, the latest from Benny Chan, and more

Day six’s offerings included documentaries about Stanley Kubrick and movie posters, the latest effort from Benny Chan, and more.

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Fantastic Fest 2016: Day Five

The latest from Sarah Edina Smith, M. Night Shyamalan, and more

Day five brings us the latest from Sarah Edina Smith, the secret screening of the new M. Night Shyamalan film, and more.

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Fantastic Fest 2016: Day Four

The latest from Werner Herzog, a farewell to Angus Scrimm, and more

Day four brings us a new film from living legend Werner Herzog, the fifth (and final?) installment of the Phantasm saga, and more.

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Fantastic Fest 2016: Day Three

A divisive tale of sex and death underneath the streets of Mexico City, a short film program, and more

Day three delivers the Short Fuse program of short horror subjects, the polarizing We Are the Flesh, and more.

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Fantastic Fest 2016: Day Two

The latest from Studio Ghibli and Ana Lily Amirpour, and more

Day two gives us a new Studio Ghibli co-production, the latest from Ana Lily Amirpour, and more.

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Fantastic Fest 2016: Day One

The latest from Denis Villeneuve and Chan-Wook Park, and more

Day one brings us the latest films from Denis Villenueve and Chan-Wook Park, and more!

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