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My Month in Film: August 2014

I’ve decided to drop the True Detective reviews; a lot of digital ink has been spilled analyzing it seven ways to Sunday and I can’t imagine I have anything particularly insightful to say that someone else hasn’t already said. (My final analysis is: it was pretty good, but I wasn’t as impressed with it as I assumed I would be.) In its place, I’m thinking of doing The Leftovers. We’ll see.

• Last month, I instituted a new rule: “Nothing gets five stars without a second viewing.” Since then, I’ve granted five stars to both Under the Skin, the original version of Oldboy, and…well, you’ll see. Rules are made to be broken, I guess.

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A scene from I ORIGINS

My Month in Film: July 2014

To misquote Jay Cluitt: life versus blog; which will win? In June I watched and wrote a lot of stuff. In July, life won: too much stuff going on and less time for blog. Which is not a bad thing. I had some massive social experiences, including the LAMB meetup. I think–I think–a new path might be open in the bits of my life that don’t involve watching movies and writing about them on a weekly basis. If I’m correct, life will win for some time to come…not that I’ll complain.

• So didn’t I promise True Detective reviews in July? I did. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a handle on how to write them up. So I decided to watch all the first season, then to rewatch the episode two-by-two and write them up based on the rewatch. I will get these done before the next season of Hannibal premieres next winter (or so I assume).

Thanatomorphose kind of killed my urge to watch horror-and-nothing-but, so I’m planning to take a temporary break from that for a while. I finally have a chance to watch a pile of stuff that’s been on the docket for a while, stuff that isn’t really horror but might be part of the Gallery’s remit. This may include one or more of the following: Cheap ThrillsThe DoubleEnemySnowpiercerUnder the Skin. Horror fans are advised not to despair, however: my review of Almost Human will publish next week, and I should get back to horror in time for the Hallowe’en season.

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Michael Cera, Alison Pill and Johnny Simmons in SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD

My Month in Film: June 2014

On May 23, the “Isla Vista killings” occurred. Wikipedia describes killer Elliott Rodger’s motive as being “a desire to punish women for rejecting him and also a desire to punish sexually active men for living a better life than him.” This opened up what I’ll loosely define as “a conversation” on the subject of misogyny in American culture, with phrases like “#NotAllMen” and “#YesAllWomen” entering the vernacular.

The Isla Vista killings and the subsequent “discussion” (again, a loose definition of the word here) on the subject of rape culture informed my readings of several films this month. All Cheerleaders Die was a no-brainer, because Lucky McKee has a history of addressing feminist themes in his work, but I also saw it in Missing and Alyce Kills, and my write-ups of +1 and Heavy Metal also addressed misogyny.

I don’t think this is all that big of a coincidence, because independent horror films have been addressing feminist themes for quite some time, and mainstream horror movies are almost pathologically obsessed with “final girls.” But watching these films through the filter of current events made me see them a bit differently.

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A scene from GODZILLA (2013)

My Month in Film: May 2014

This month I published full write-ups of:

I also reviewed the back half of Hannibal’s second season:

Forced Viewing Podcast episode 28’s featured films were Cheerleader Massacre (Drudgie’s pick), The Asphyx (my pick) and We Are What We Are (Jori’s pick), which we discussed with Mr. Benzedrine.

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Jodorowsky's Dune

My Month in Film: April 2014

This month I published full write-ups of C.H.U.D., Contracted and The Hanover House. I also attended the 2014 Sci-Fi Spectacular, watching a pile of films including Pan’s LabyrinthThe Dead Zone, LegendKing Kong vs. Godzilla and three of my all-time faves: Night of the Living DeadEscape from New York, and The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension.

The films featured in episode 27 of the Forced Viewing Podcast were C.H.U.D. (my pick), Bad Milo (Jori’s pick), and Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark (the Drudgeon’s pick). Zeb and John joined us for that episode.

Other films I saw include…

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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

My Month in Film: March 2014

This month I watched C.H.U.D. (full review forthcoming), which I have already discussed on episode 78 of Lair of the Unwanted; it will also be featured in the next episode of the Forced Viewing Podcast. My other podcast guest appearance in March was on episode 208 of the LAMBcast.

As for my own podcast, the featured movies in episode 26 were The Cell 2 (the Drudgeon’s pick), Murder Party (Jori’s pick) and Pacific Rim (my pick). John, Zeb and Benny joined us, along with our friend Doug Walker (AKA “That Guy with the Glasses”) as a special guest.

Other films I watched included…

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