A scene from JURASSIC WORLD.

My Month in Film: July 2015

I’ve gotten myself back on track for July, although it was tough. Maybe I need to take a sabbatical–but I’m afraid if I did that, it’d be too hard to get myself back on track. Oh well.

At least August looks like it will be a good month. I’d like to resume Hannibal starting next week, but I may wait on that, because a lot of interesting-looking recent stuff has made its way to Netflix, like Creep and a couple of other things I’ve been looking forward to. So I may put Lecter on hold.

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My Month in Film: June 2015

June has been a bit of a messed-up month that felt a lot longer than it actually was. Even worse, about halfway through, my brain derailed and I’ve been having a dickens of a time getting back on track again. I wish I had a good excuse, but I don’t: I discovered Dosbox, which I’ve been using to play ’80s computer games–mostly classic CRPGs–on my ’09 iMac.

Also, between the death of Christopher Lee and the near-as-damnit cancellation of Hannibal, June has really sucked.

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A scene from MAD MAX: FURY ROAD.

My Month in Film: May 2015

Not as many new-or-recent-release reviews this month–although, in my defense, I contributed not one but two pieces to Cinema Axis this month–but wow, Iots of other type of stuff, including three retro reviews. I think I may put the brakes on for June; there isn’t as much stuff coming out that I’m interested in and I’m feeling a bit of burnout. The last things I wrote for May–the full review of Manhunter and the capsules of Muppet Movie and Song of the Sea–were very difficult.

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A scene from THE GENERAL.

My Month in Film: April 2015

Another busy month. In addition to a full slate of eight reviews here at the Gallery, I also covered the Sci-Fi Spectacular and contributed four write-ups to Cinema Axis’s coverage of the 2015 Hot Docs documentary film festival. Maybe I should just have my keyboard surgically attached to my fingers.

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Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr and John Lennon star in A HARD DAY'S NIGHT.

My Month in Film: March 2015

Didn’t I say I was going to do an all-Retro month? Yeah, I did. I got four movies into it before getting bored with it. So I switched back to doing recent stuff. Still, I’m glad I at least attempted it, because I felt I’d been neglecting the Retro side of things for too long.

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Mila Kunis stars in JUPITER ASCENDING.

My Month in Film: February 2015

I have shaken off the winter blahs and put myself back on schedule, yay! Wrote a lot of full-length content, which means this is one of the skimpiest Month in Film entries in a while.

On the flip-side of that, Quick Cuts is going to take an extended break. Don’t know how long, but right now I can’t work up the enthusiasm for the feature.

Okay, let’s get with the movies.

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My Month in Film: November 2014

Golly, what a busy month! In addition to the seven reviews below, I contributed three reviews to Cinema Axis’s coverage of Toronto’s Blood in the Snow horror-film fest (Black Mountain SideEjectaQueen of Blood); they’ve not been published yet, so I can’t link to them this month, but capsule reviews are below. Plus my guest appearance on Nick Jobe and Steve Honeywell’s FaceCast. I expect December will be a somewhat lighter month.

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