Capsule Reviews: October 2016

First off:

Now that we have that taken care of…

Submitted for your approval, please find capsule reviews of Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of Dr. Moreau and William Friedkin’s obscure early-’90s horror effort The Guardian.

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My Months in Film: March through September, 2016

So I’m back, apparently.

I didn’t expect the Gallery to remain shuttered this long: I made some genuine attempts in April and May to get back into the groove…and couldn’t get anything to stick. Real Life was kicking my ass, something had to give, and it was the film writing. I had burned out. I think my exhaustion even shows in the spring and early-summer podcast episodes. I’d been doing this for over five and a half years—starting all the way back in late August 2010 when I launched Forced Viewing—and during that entire time, I’d never taken more than a couple of weeks off from watching and writing. It even encroached on my vacations.

That being said, I never considered not writing about this year’s Fantastic Fest, though. So I was glad to discovered I still had my mojo, and it was great to get back into the rhythm of things. (Even after I caught a cold that turned into a bronchial infection that needed to be nipped in the bud lest it mutate into pneumonia.)

It looks like I have some time to seriously reconsider the future of this site and my film-writing hobby. I’m still determined that reviews will re-commence, at some point. I’d like it to be soon, but I can’t make any guarantees: things are still hairy busy in Real Life. My content schedule won’t be as punishingly aggressive as it was in the past; I’m thinking three movies every two weeks sounds reasonable. But we’ll see.

Anyway, thanks for your patience.

And to prove I haven’t spent the last six-odd months just twiddling my thumbs…here are the movies I watched during the hiatus.

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My Month in Film: January 2016

My Month in Film: January 2016

I’ve had very little energy lately. So many people died this month; I’m depressed because I’ll never again hear a new David Bowie album or see a new Alan Rickman film. It’s winter, I have Seasonal Affective Disorder, and I’m just coming off of Awards Season, which always leaves me feeling kind of drained. I always tell myself I’m going to take January off, and I never do. Most of what I watched this month was pretty shitty.

Bitch and moan, bitch and moan.

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A scene from TRUMBO.

My Month in Film: December 2015

Jesus Christ Bananas, this was a busy month, but I guess I should expect no less from the biggest month of awards season. On the upside, I saw some great stuff this month: The Force AwakensGoodnight Mommy, The MartianRoom, Sicario, and Spotlight all made it to my 2015 top-ten. On the downside, focusing on award contenders meant I missed Krampus and a couple of other late-year horror offerings. Never got around to The Look of Silence, either. And even after three viewings, I still didn’t get The Assassin to the point where I could write about it and not feel like an asshole.

And now, for the overview!

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A scene from INSIDE OUT.

My Month in Film: November 2015

Sadly, I didn’t produce as much content in November as I would have liked to. My excuses are, number one, that November tends to be my busiest month for my non-culture-writing activities, such as work commitments and volunteering; and number two, that I’ve always been sensitive to sudden temperature changes, with Chicagoland weather being particularly schizophrenic this November. We got a foot of snow during the weekend before Thanksgiving; four days later, Turkey Day itself topped off with a high temperature of 60° F. Combined with the seasonal-affective depression I’ve been prone to these last few years, I spent a lot of my November free time tired and lethargic, not particularly interested in watching and writing.

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A scene from LOVE & MERCY.

My Month in Film: September 2015

As expected, Fantastic Fest dominated September like a kaiju. (Incidentally, if you haven’t read my daily recaps yet, go do so. I don’t write this blog for my health, ya know.) But I didn’t expect to get so far behind with the rest of it. Oh well.

The regular schedule of reviews will resume later this month…probably not next week, hopefully the week after. Probably going to focus more on horror throughout October and November. I’ll try to finish off the final four episodes of Hannibal by the end of the year.

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Kjell Nilsson stars in THE ROAD WARRIOR.

My Month in Film: August 2015

The big news, if you don’t already know: I have a podcast again! Elwood Jones, who hosts Mad, Bad, and Downright Strange, runs From the Depths of DVD Hell, and writes for Channel: Superhero, wanted to start a new podcast focusing on cult television, and was casting about for a prospective co-host. I offered my services and, well, here we are.

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A scene from JURASSIC WORLD.

My Month in Film: July 2015

I’ve gotten myself back on track for July, although it was tough. Maybe I need to take a sabbatical–but I’m afraid if I did that, it’d be too hard to get myself back on track. Oh well.

At least August looks like it will be a good month. I’d like to resume Hannibal starting next week, but I may wait on that, because a lot of interesting-looking recent stuff has made its way to Netflix, like Creep and a couple of other things I’ve been looking forward to. So I may put Lecter on hold.

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