Hey kids!

You’ve probably noticed I haven’t posted anything in a few weeks months. The reason is that I have a number of major non-site projects eating up most of my time, and I’ve had almost no time or energy for writing or even watching movies or television with the intent of reviewing. The next TV Good Sleep Bad won’t even record until mid-April, that’s how dire the situation is.

So I’m forced to put the site on hold for a while. I don’t know exactly when the hiatus will end; I’d like to resume at the beginning of May, but June might be more realistic in time for Fantastic Fest 2016. It all depends upon how a number of different variables work out.

See you in a couple months, and until then, don’t take any wooden nickels.



Podcast guest: The LAMBcast, episode 217

Podcast guest: The LAMBcast, episode 217

I appear in the latest episode of the Palme d’Or-winning LAMBcast, episode #217, “Whatcha Been Watchin’ Lately?” I discuss Wild at HeartBlue RuinAugust: Osage County and Under the Skin with Dylan Fields (of Man, I Love Films), Nick Rehak (of French Toast Sunday) and Lindsay Street (also of French Toast Sunday). Then I actually win a round of Last LAMB Standing! How ’bout that.

Listen to this podcast and you, too, will probably win a Palme d’Or.

Podcast guest: The LAMBcast, episode 216

Podcast guest: The LAMBcast, episode 216

I’m on the latest episode of the LAMBcast, the official podcast of the Large Association of Movie Blogs, entitled “Get to Know Your Lambcasters #3.”

Host Jay Cluitt (of Live vs. Film), JD Duran (of InSession Film), Jess Manzo (of French Toast Sunday) and Will Slater (of Exploding Helicopter) and I talk about our personal lives for an hour and a half. You will learn all sorts of interesting things about me, including the basis of the novel I tried to write when I was 9.

Podcast guest: The LAMBcast, episode 208

Podcast guest: The LAMBcast, episode 208

This seems like a fine time to pimp my appearance on the latest episode (#208) of the LAMBcast, the official podcast of the Large Association of Movie Blogs.

The name of the episode is “Ask the LAMB #4,” and involves myself, Jason of Your Face, Jay of Life vs. Film, Lindsay of French Toast Sunday, and the Vern of Vern’s Video Vortex giving smart-aleck answers to film questions posted on Yahoo! Answers. Since everyone else has used that one picture of Wyldstyle in The Lego Movie to promote their appearances in the episode, I figure I should as well.

“Everything is awesome,” I say, sheepishly; I hope nobody realizes I haven’t actually seen The Lego Movie.

We will address the burning issues of the age, including:

  • Is it weird to have a crush on a fictional character?
  • How much math knowledge do you need to get into the motion picture business?
  • What is the secret subtext of the Bring it On films?
  • Is Lego trying to sexualize their female minifigs?
  • What’s all this about a movie called Citizen Kane 2: Grown-Ups?

Jason later had this to say about the episode:

If he were actually speaking out loud, he probably wouldn’t have pronounced the hashtag.