Hey kids! You've probably noticed I haven't posted anything in a few weeks months. The reason is that I have a number of major non-site projects eating up most of my time, and I've had almost no time or energy for writing or even watching movies or television with the intent of reviewing. The next TV … Continue reading Hiatus

Podcast guest: The LAMBcast, episode 216

Podcast guest: The LAMBcast, episode 216

I'm on the latest episode of the LAMBcast, the official podcast of the Large Association of Movie Blogs, entitled "Get to Know Your Lambcasters #3." Host Jay Cluitt (of Live vs. Film), JD Duran (of InSession Film), Jess Manzo (of French Toast Sunday) and Will Slater (of Exploding Helicopter) and I talk about our personal lives for an hour and a half. You will learn all sorts of interesting things about me, including the basis of the novel I tried to write when I was 9.