TV Good Sleep Bad, episode 25: “Æon Flux & The Young Ones”

TV Good Sleep Bad: Episode 25

“I never really wanted to be a podcast host, you know. I mean, they told me while at school, if I got two CSEs, when I left school I’d be head of Working Title Films. That’s a lot of nonsense, innit? I mean, you look at statistics, right. 83% of top British management have been to a public school and Oxbridge, right? 93% of the BBC have been to a public school and Oxbridge, right? 98% of the KGB have been to a public school and Oxbridge. All you get from a public school, right. One, you get a top job, right, and two, you get an interest in perverse sexual practices.”

—Elwood Jones

“My dad’s bought me the Socialist Workers Party for my birthday.”

—Daniel Lackey

On this month’s episode:

Æon Flux, “Utopia or Deuteranopia?” (season 3 episode 1, 1995): Trevor Goodchild has assumed control of Bregnia in the absence of kidnapped chairman Clavius. But a Breen soldier becomes convinced Trevor is behind the kidnapping and allies with Æon to expose the truth.

The Young Ones, “Bambi” (series 2 episode 1, 1984): The boys have been selected to represent Scumbag College on University College. But first, they must navigate the horrors of laundry day. Special musical guest Motörhead.

Next month: The IT Crowd and Snuff Box.

3 thoughts on “TV Good Sleep Bad, episode 25: “Æon Flux & The Young Ones”

  1. “Bambi” was not the first episode of The Young Ones that I saw, but it was the first episode where I understood enough of what they were saying that I laughed most of the way through instead of giggling a little bit here and there. (Those accents take a little getting used to.)

    “Bambi” is also notable for the appearances of Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie and Emma Thompson. “I’ve got a Porsche.”)

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  2. Aeon Flux is pretty awesome too. I watched it rather intermittently on Liquid Television for a while. And then one time at a comic book convention they had a special showing of all the episodes in order back-to-back! It’s not quite as cool as listening to Sheldon Moldoff talk about what a dick Bob Kane was, but it was still one of my favorite Comic-Book Convention experiences.

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