TV Good Sleep Bad, episode 24: “Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace & Danger 5”

TV Good Sleep Bad, ep. 25

Greetings, travelers. We are Elwood Jones and Daniel Lackey. You know, everyone has a special talent. Ours is being able to discover hidden gems of televisual entertainment and bring them to the public via our professionally-produced podcast. Others are good plumbers—that’s their gift. Our latest episode of TV Good Sleep Bad finds us dissecting the following episodes of cult television:

Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, “Once Upon a Beginning” (episode 1, 2004): British horror author Garth Marenghi brings us the pilot episode of his horror television series Darkplace, in which he plays a surgeon faced to confront the portal to hell that is about to open under his worplace.

Danger 5, “Lizard Soldiers of the Third Reich” (series 1 episode 2, 2012): Anthropomorphic dinosaurs invade Belgium and the Danger Five crew tracks them Dr. Joseph Mengele’s secret tropical base hidden in Antarctica.

Next month: Æon Flux and The Young Ones.

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