TV Good Sleep Bad, episode 20: “Black Books & Spaced”

I don’t have an intro that’s anywhere near as clever as last month’s, so let’s get straight into this month’s episode: a double shot of early ’00s British comedy featuring Black Books and Spaced!

In this episode, we discuss:

Black Books, “Manny Come Home” (series 3 episode 1, 2004): Fed up with Bernard’s mistreatment, Manny quits Black Books and gets a job at its competitor, Goliath Books–where he falls under the nefarious influence of his new boss Evan–and it’s up to Fran to heal the rift between her friends. Simon Pegg guest-stars.

Spaced, “Gone” (series 2 episode 5, 2001): Tim and Daisy’s night out on the town goes awry when they cross paths with Tim’s nemesis Duane Benzie and run afoul of a gang of hooligans looking to score some weed. Peter Serafinowicz and Adam Deacon guest-star.

Next month: The Outer Limits (1995) and Stranger Things.

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