TV Good Sleep Bad, episode 18: “Invasion: Earth”

Look to the skies! TV Good Sleep Bad has returned with a look at an obscure joint production from the BBC and what was then known as the SciFi Channel! Hailing all the way from the late nineties, Invasion: Earth serves up six hour-long helpings of alien invasion, dark conspiracies, and surprisingly ruthless storytelling.

In this episode, we discuss:

Invasion: Earth (all six episodes, 1998): A hotshot fighter pilot intercepts an alien craft and finds himself embroiled in a series of horrific events including an attractive scientist, the reappearance of a man reported missing in the ’40s, and a sinister alien plot to take over the world. Starring Vincent Regan (The Royals), Maggie O’Neill (Shameless U.K.), Fred Ward (Tremors), and Anton Lesser (Game of Thrones).

Next month: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

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