So I got an award

I got a “Dragon’s Loyalty Award” from Elwood Jones at From the Depths of DVD Hell, which is one of those “pay-it-forward” blogging awards you then pass on to other bloggers. I usually don’t participate in those, mainly because I usually can’t think of enough blogs (in the case of Dragon’s Loyalty, fifteen) I follow at any given time.

Still, I very much appreciate an accolade from a fellow blogger–especially from Elwood, who is a wonderful fellow to podcast with, and DVD Hell is one of the blogs I try to remember to keep up with. So, thanks, Elwood!

Dragon's Loyalty Award

In the interest of passing it on, I’d like to suggest you stop by my old stomping grounds, Forced Viewing, which is returning to life after something of a hiatus.

One of the FV writers, my friend John Bruni, is also a writer of fiction who just published his second novel, Poor Bastards and Rich Fucks. It’s available now from the sort of stores that Joaquin Phoenix’s character in 8mm would have worked at, and also Amazon. I’ve not had a chance to read it yet, but from what I’ve heard, it sounds like a corker.

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