Diversion: The Large Association of Movie Blogs meetup 2014

I don’t remember what the Vern (left) and I were talking about, but I bet it was exciting!
Photo: Fredo Castil

They came from all over the country: from colonial New England, the southwestern desert, the icy climes of the north, the heartland, and the state of mind that can only be described as “Texas.” They came by car, by plane, by Greyhound bus, and they brought their women (and their men) with them. A motley gang they were, with only one thing in common: a badge, sky blue, upon which a cartoon sheep bleated.

They were bloggers. Worse than that, they were film bloggers. And for three days (July 11 through 13, 2014) we allowed these freaks and weirdos to invade our fair city, Chicago, city of large shoulders, of Al Capone and The Dark Night. For we are, ourselves, film bloggers.

It was the most interesting of times. It was the 2014 meetup of the Large Association of Movie Blogs, U.S. branch.

Representing the home team:

And the barbarian hordes:

I think this was everyone. If I missed anyone, nothing personal. And, yes, there were multiple Daniels and Jasons in attendance. There was even a secret Jason.

We drank, we ate, we talked, we argued, we rode a bus, we podcasted and we played Cards Against Humanity. I got a chance to meet a number of people I’ve been in contact with for the last three-and-a-half years. Vern and Lindsay have always been staunch supporters of Forced Viewing. Clint made contact with Jori a while back and we’ve been trying to get him on the podcast, but schedules haven’t worked out. I’ve appeared on pods hosted by Dylan (the LAMBcast), Jason (Lair of the Unwanted), and Bubba (Filmwhys). It was great to finally meet them in the flesh.

Most importantly, I once again managed to avoid seeing The Room.

Such a momentous gathering shouldn’t go unrecorded. I just don’t feel like doing that myself. Others have, though, and here is where you may find their tales.

Two podcasts and a vlog were recorded on Sunday:

I look forward to the 2015 Meetup, which I understand will be held in…(throws dart at map of the United States)…Anaconda, Montana. I bet Jason Soto is gonna have a field day with that one.

And if I can’t make it, I look forward to complaining to whomever I’m dating next year about how I’d rather be partying in Anaconda with my filmic bretheren.

7 thoughts on “Diversion: The Large Association of Movie Blogs meetup 2014

  1. Mr. Lackey it was a great honor to meet you I forget the exact context of our conversation but I believe we were talking about podcasting and the hassles of editing shows


  2. I just wanted to say that it was really awesome meeting you. I hope I didn’t come off like too much of a basket case! I hope we see each other at many meetups to come!

    Also, I feel like I’ve said this before already but I love your design over here at Nightmare Gallery. It’s so clean and readable. Very snazzy!


    1. Let’s just say that I’m not in any position to judge anyone as a basket case… 🙂 And I think you’re only the second person to comment on the site design, so thank you very much!

      I also just noticed that I forgot to describe Team French Toast Sunday as “a group of college friends who founded a film blog, because that is what college friends do nowadays…as opposed to traveling the country in a minivan with a Great Dane solving crimes and playing in a rock band on the side, which is what college friends did in my day.”


      1. Hahah Well that would work if any of us went to college together (some of us didn’t even go to college!)

        But I do drive a minivan & love mysteries!


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