Podcast guest: The LAMBcast, episode 208

This seems like a fine time to pimp my appearance on the latest episode (#208) of the LAMBcast, the official podcast of the Large Association of Movie Blogs.

The name of the episode is “Ask the LAMB #4,” and involves myself, Jason of Your Face, Jay of Life vs. Film, Lindsay of French Toast Sunday, and the Vern of Vern’s Video Vortex giving smart-aleck answers to film questions posted on Yahoo! Answers. Since everyone else has used that one picture of Wyldstyle in The Lego Movie to promote their appearances in the episode, I figure I should as well.

“Everything is awesome,” I say, sheepishly; I hope nobody realizes I haven’t actually seen The Lego Movie.

We will address the burning issues of the age, including:

  • Is it weird to have a crush on a fictional character?
  • How much math knowledge do you need to get into the motion picture business?
  • What is the secret subtext of the Bring it On films?
  • Is Lego trying to sexualize their female minifigs?
  • What’s all this about a movie called Citizen Kane 2: Grown-Ups?

Jason later had this to say about the episode:

If he were actually speaking out loud, he probably wouldn’t have pronounced the hashtag.

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